A little corner wine store in Paris

Recently in Paris, I visited a wonderful little bottleshop, and surrounded by beautiful wines, I had cause to seek advice about which wine on the shelves would most likely suit my palette.

A lovely young lady came to my aid with expert and relevant information on #Wine regionality, age and style delivered with wonderful passion. The whole experience was thoroughly enjoyable and I chose a couple of wines for the evening.

This event made me recall how little individual bottleshops in Australia also provided these services. Now the little family owned bottleshops with exquisite wines hidden in cellars until a deserving recipient entered, have almost disappeared.

Unfortunately lamenting this form of progress will not change the situation rather I see this as an opportunity for our family owned #CellarDoors to step into this space. We have unique wines that are special because of their individuality and we have wines from our museum stock for those seeking aged wines. Just as the bottleshops of yester-year did, we can listen to your requests and find a friendly accompaniment for your palette.

Finding joy in your wine is as, or more important than just finding a bottle.  We look forward to giving you that experience at #AngasPlainsWines, #Langhorne Creek, #FleurieuPeninsula, SouthAustralia.

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