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Angas Plains PJs Special Shiraz 2006

I’ve been a member of Angas Plains “PJs Connections” wine club for a while now, and I’m only a member of 2 clubs that send me wine on a ‘subscription’ basis. Generally I’d rather taste the wine first, but Angas Plains have not sent me a bad wine yet, I get good variety including some nice museum stock, hence I trust them and look forward to these packs.

Normally the six-packs (wines not abs, much to my wife’s disappointment) are sent half yearly, but for reasons known only to family run type wine businesses, this one was slightly delayed from April. I expect if I enquired there would be mutterings about vineyards needing pruning and weather and stuff like that.

I was quite pleased to find a bottle of the 2006 Special Shiraz in the pack. This is an export only label and us members have been joyfully telling our mates, “Yes I know, it is good, but no, you can’t have any more”. Thing is, with our Aussie dollar being sexy to those who have an economy that may go the way of Greece, export sales seem to have fallen off. Rejoice Aussies, because yes Oliver, you can have some more.

It’s a very nice wine, some distinctive Larncrk character as Monsieur P White would say, and I reckon they should rename the area that. Intense flavours and aromas, blackberry, morello cherries, graphite with a mineral finish. It’s probably got more than that if you can let it have time in the glass. My wife couldn’t. Superfine tannins and lovely mouth watering acid. Possibly could do with more meat on the bones as the 14% seems hotter, but I don’t mind it, then again some more air might fix that. Given that it’s Diam sealed and it’s age I’d drink in the shorter term, the bottle says 6 years but 10 easily.

Highly Recommended.

Will be a short term special, but you can get it here whilst stocks last.

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