About Us

Angas Plains Estate Wines - Langhorne Creek

Our History

Phillip bought the property in 1984 and into a private pipeline to deliver River Murray Water to his property providing the opportunity to re-develop his mixed farm into a vineyard in the Langhorne Creek Wine region in 1994. In 2002 Angas Plains Estate produced its first vintage of wine. A very small crush to produces PJ’s Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Our facilities have been expanding ever since opening to ensure visitors can enjoy their visit on our lovely property. Connecting with the true essence and origin of our wines and offering some real insight into the activities by the team at Angas Plains Estate.

Family owned and operated by Phillip & Judy Cross  in the  highly regarded  wine region Langhorne Creek, only 50 minutes drive south of Adelaide, the capital city of  South Australia. 

Angas Plains Estate property is 40 hectares with 25 hectares planted to vines. The property boasts 2 large holding dams for storage of water for minimal irrigation for the vines during the summer months. 

The region’s vineyards reach out across 6000 hectares and has grown due to its ideal climate and soils to produce consistent premium quality grapes.