Angas Plains Estate PJs blanc de blanc Sparkling Chardonnay


This fresh fruity blanc de blanc sparkling wine.
100% Chardonnay tank fermented using ‘Charmat’ method.

The fruit flavours on the palate adds to
the taste of the wine whilst maintaining the brut style.

Angas Plains Estate PJ’s Sparkling Chardonnay
will add a smile and a little laughter to any occasion.

Alcohol 11.8%   PH 3.43    TA 6.7g/L  Glucose + Fructose 10.8 g/L




Our Chardonnay (Judy’s Patch) has been planted in deep loamy soil
on the highest section of our property which is behind the homestead.

Our Chardonnay cropping is kept to around 4.5 tonne to the acre and harvested
at the optimum time for balance of berry sweetness and acidity.

We pick in the evening when the berries are cool to ensure the fruit arrives at the winery in the premium condition.

Chardonnay is an important component of many Sparkling wines and is a green-skinned grape variety,
which originated in the Burgundy wine region of eastern France.
It remains one of the most widely planted grape varieties in the world
and grows very well in the Langhorne Creek region.

Angas Plains Estate Chardonnay is grown exclusively for our own lean crisp style wines.

The Chardonnay is pruned late in the season to delay the new bud development
for as long as possible this is to reduce the risk of damage to the vines through frost.

The later the bud growth can be delayed then the lower the risk from a late frost in early spring.
During the growing season we like to have good leaf canopy shading over the bunches
to allow soft dappled sunlight onto the grape bunches.

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